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Mozambique OCeanic Atmospheric sciences [2013-2015]


Report on the inaugural meeting of the JEAI MOCA

The inaugural meeting of the JEAI MOCA (Mozambique OCeanic Atmospheric sciences) has been held from the Tuesday 7th of May 2013 until the Thursday 9th of May 2013 at the Island of Inhaca in front of Maputo (Mozambique). Researchers from the different institutes, permanent and non-permanent members of the JEAI MOCA, were attending the meeting :

  • Alberto Mavume (UEM, Team leader, Resp Theme 1),
  • Atanasio Brito (IIP), Bernardino Malawene (IIP, Resp Theme 3),
  • Clousa Chevane (INAHINA),
  • Fialho Nehama (UEM),
  • Francisco Francisco (Nansen Tutu Center),
  • Issufo Halo (UCT / Nansen Tutu Center, Resp Theme 2),
  • Obadias Cossa (UCT),
  • Olivier Maury (IRD / ICEMASA),
  • Pierrick Penven (IRD / ICEMASA, IRD correspondent),
  • Stephane Pous (LOCEAN / ICEMASA), Yonss Jose (UCT).


The first day of the meeting and the morning of the second day were dedicated to the presentation of the JEAI MOCA and the scientific presentations from each member. It was followed by a fruitful discussion for the scientific projects for the 3 scientific themes :

  • Theme 1 “Impact of Tropical Cyclones on the Ocean in the Mozambique Channel”,
  • Theme 2 “Effects of the mesoscale eddies of the Mozambique Channel on the marine ecosystems”
  • Theme 3 “Marine ecosystems along the coasts of Mozambique”). 


The repartition of the funds over the 3 years period and the purchase of scientific equipment in the form of workstations as well as technical support have been decided. Visits to Brest, Maputo and Cape Town will be organized. The idea of a ecosystem modeling course has been put forward. It would be organized in collaboration with the school of marine sciences and it should be open to master students and people of the institutions. The format could be similar to the ICEMASA marine ecosystem modeling winter course. It has been proposed that the different theme leaders could also source funding for PhDs and Post-docs for the different scientific projects.

These different points will be revised in detail in a future meeting attached to the Eighth WIOMSA Scientific Symposium which will be held in Maputo (Mozambique) from Monday 28th October to Saturday, 2nd November 2013. Most of the members of the JEAI MOCA will be present at the symposium.

 We would like to thank all the participants for their contributions to the success of this meeting

Pierrick and Alberto


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