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Oversight and guidance on core ICEMASA business is provided by a Board comprised of representatives of the partner institutions and associated laboratories. The Board discusses and advises strategic policy and directions as presented by the ICEMASA co-directors. The Board normally meets once a year.

Ex-officio members - Chair: Dr Francis Marsac, ICEMASA 

UCT members - Ma-Re Director: A/Prof Marcello Vichi; Head of Oceanography Dept: Prof. I. Ansorge

DEA - Chief Director, Research, Oceans and Coasts: Ashley Naidoo

DAFF - Chief Director, Marine resource Management: Dr Kim Prochazka

IRD - Director, Dept OCEANS: Dr Frédéric Ménard

UBO - President, 

CNRS: Head of Joint IRD-CNRS-CIRAD Office in Pretoria: Jean-Pascal Torréton

LOPS - Deputy Heard: Dr Christophe Maes

LEMAR - Head: Dr Luis Tito de Morais

LEGOS -  Head: Dr Alexandre Ganachaud

MARBEC - Head : Dr Laurent Dagorn

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