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Regional Ocean modelling

Three sessions were organized at UCT since 2015 : 7-11 Sept 2015, 8-12 Feb 2016 and 19-23 Feb 2018

Attendance - up to 15 students per session, from 9 countries: South Africa, Cameroon, Mozambique, Ghana, Kenya, Congo, Madagascar, Mauritius, France

Conveners - Serena Illig (IRD- Legos), Jennifer Veitch and Charine Collins (SAEON)

The course (25 h, including hands-on sessions) is more specifically focused on CROCO (formely ROMS) - AGRIF model and includes the design of climatological and inter-annual configurations with embedded nested zooms. The course is open to all members of the Oceanography department, from students to researchers and is well promoted through SANCOR.

The course allows the students to really capture the fundamental aspects of modelling. By the end of the week every student successfully produces their own ocean model in a region of their choosing and are given the tools to visualize their data.

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Latest news

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23 to 26 Oct. 2018 - The Ocean Science Days in the Cape
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