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Wave observation & modelling


The development of remote sensing techniques (altimeters, SARs, optical imagery, land-based seismometers), cheap in situ sensors (gps buoys, accelerometer-based devices, …) and advances in numerical modelling give a wealth of information on waves that can be used for many applications : coastal and ocean engineering, marine weather forecasting, investigation of upper ocean transport and mixing, correction of other remotely sensed ocean parameters…

This workshop took place at UCT (Oceanography Dept) on 14-17 February 2017. The target audience were marine meteorology experts and oceanographers interested in waves. The session was led by Fabrice Ardhuin, Mickael Accensi (Ifremer) and Fabrice Collard (oceandatalab). The session was attended by 19 participants, with a vast majority of Master’s students in Oceanography. The objective of this short course was to review existing observation and modelling techniques and give some hands-on training on the use of ocean wave datasets (altimeters, SARs, model hindcasts) and the implementation and use of the latest version (v. 5.16) of the WAVEWATCH III model. 

The detailed programme of the worksop can be found here.


Photo credit: Leo Roomets on Unsplash

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