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Biology & Fisheries

  • Plankton diversity, ecology and ecosystem functioning : UCT (Dept of Buiological Sciences), Honours, 20 h lectures, 12 h practical and 1 day of field work in False Bay (D.Thibault) :

Diversity of primary producers, diversity and ecology of zooplankton, functionning of False Bay pelagic ecosystem 

  • Pelagic and offshore ecology: UWC (Dept of biodiversity and conservation biology), BSc, Marine Biology (8 h), chemical oceanography (4h), plankton (4h) and nekton (2h) (D. Thibault)

  • Introduction to fisheries oceanography: UCT, "Applied Marine Sciences" MSc, 2h lecture (F. Marsac)

  • Environmental controls on fisheries: UCT, "Applied Marine Sciences" MSc, 4h lecture (F. Marsac)

  • Marine fisheries management : UCT, "Applied Marine Sciences" MSc, 2 h lecture (F. Marsac)
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