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Physical Oceanography

  • Ocean Dynamics 1: Hons, 25 h (S. Herbette). Equation of motion; physical properties of seawater; balance flow in the ocean – geostrophy; balance flow in the ocean – Ekman dynamics
  • Ocean dynamics 2: MSc, 25 h (S. Herbette). Shallow water equation and layered models; potential vorticity conservation and geostrophic adjustment; inertia-gravity and Rossby waves; fronts, vortices and barotropic/baroclinic instability.
  • Western boundary currents: MSc, 20 h lectures + 15 h tutorials (J. Deshayes)
  • Tutorials: Msc, 15 h (S. Herbette). Rigidity of rotating fluid; Taylor column kman dynamics; Geostrophic adjustment (Margules relation); Thermal wind balance; Current-Ridge interactions: generation of a topographic Rossby wave; Baroclinic Instability.
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