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Delphine Thibault (IRD/Aix-Marseille Univ) participated in the SAEON science education outreach programme, by presenting marine science (from the MAD-Ridge cruise) to five South-African schools of disadvantaged coastal communities (Houtbay High School, Ocean View High, Masiphumelele High School, Sophumelela High School, and Usasazo High School) and to the CApe Town French School i. The South African students are 9-11 graders while the French students are grade 6. The sessions took place in April and May 2017 for the French school, and in July-August 2017 for the South African schools.

Another activity was organised in the same year with the Two Ocean Aquarium (Krish Lewis, curator of the jellyfish exhibit), with learners of grade 8  on the theme of “jellyfish and other gelatinous zooplankton”

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