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SAIA, the South African Insurance Association, established the Strategic Risk Forum in 2011. This think-tank has identified, discussed and considered several important issues related to environmental, social and governance risk, and the role that the short-term insurance industry, in partnership with others, should play in addressing these risks in a sustainable way. At its 2014 session, the Strategic Risk Forum discussed the “Built Environment” and “Climate Change and its Relevance to the South African Market”. The Strategic Risk Forum also serves as a platform to facilitate the provision and sharing of technical knowledge for the industry.

Julie Deshayes (CNRS) was invited on 3-4 November 2014, in Pretoria, to participate in a round table organised by SAIA, the French Embassy and the IRD, in the perspective of the upcoming COP 21 and the contribution of South Africa into this event. Julie discussed the degree of uncertainty associated to the climate predictions for the 21th century.




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