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North-only authoring

  1. Marzloff M., Shin Y.-J., Tam J., Travers M. & Bertrand A. (2009). Trophic structure of the Peruvian marine ecosystem in 2000–2006: Insights on the effects of management scenarios for the hake fishery using the IBM trophic model Osmose. J. Mar. Sys., 75(1-2): 290-304.
  2. Mullon C., Shin Y.-J. & Cury P. (2009). NEATS: A Network Economics Approach to Trophic Systems. Ecol. Model., 220: 3033-3045.
  3. Rubio A, B. Blanke, S. Speich, N. Grima & C. Roy. (2009). Mesoscale eddy activity in the southern Benguela upwelling system from satellite altimetry and model data. Prog. Oceanog. 83: 288–295. DOI:10.1016/ j.pocean.2009.07.029
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