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North-only authoring

  1. Duboz R., Versmisse D., Travers M., Ramat E. & Shin Y-J., (2010). Application of an evolutionary algorithm to the inverse parameter estimation of an individual-based model. Ecol. Model., 221: 840-849.
  2. Maury O. (2010). An overview of APECOSM, a Spatialized Mass Balanced “Apex Predators ECOSystem Model” to Study Physiologically Structured Tuna Population Dynamics in their Ecosystem. In : Parameterisation of Trophic Interactions in Ecosystem Modelling, M. St John, P. Monfray (Eds). Prog. Oceanog., 84: 113-117.
  3. Shin Y.-J., Travers M. & Maury O. (2010). Coupling models low and high trophic levels models: towards a pathways-orientated approach for end-to-end models. Prog. Oceanog., 84: 105-112.
  4. Tew Kai, E. & Marsac, F. (2010). Influence of mesoscale eddies on spatial structuring of top predators’ communities in the Mozambique Channel. Progr. Oceanog., 86: 214–223.
  5. Travers M. & Shin Y.-J. (2010). Spatio-temporal variability in fish-induced predation mortality on plankton. A simulation approach using a coupled trophic model of the Benguela ecosystem. Prog. Oceanog., 84: 118-120.
  6. Weimerskirch, H., Le Corre, M., Tew Kai, E. & Marsac, F. (2010). Foraging movements of great frigatebirds from Aldabra Island: Relationship with environmental variables and interactions with fisheries. Progr. Oceanog., 86: 204–213.
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