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French-Southern African co-authoring

  1. Beal, L. M., W. P. M. De Ruijter, A. Biastoch, R. Zahn and the members of SCOR/WCRP/IAPSO Working Group 136 (2011). On the role of the Agulhas system in ocean circulation and climate, Nature, 472, 429-436.
  2. Burls N. J., C. J Reason, P. Penven & S.G. Philander (2011). Similarities between the Tropical Atlantic Seasonal Cycle and ENSO: an Energetics Perspective. J. Geophys. Res., 116: C11010.
  3. Cury, P., I. L. Boyd, S. Bonhommeau, T. Anker-Nilssen, R. J. M. Crawford, R. W. Furness, J. A. Mills, E. J. Murphy, H. Österblom, M. Paleczny, J. F. Piatt,, J-°. Roux, L. Shannon & W. J. Sydeman (2011). Global seabird Response to forage fish depletion – One third for the seabirds. Science, 334.
  4. Joubert, W. R., S. J. Thomalla, H. N. Waldron, M. I. Lucas, M. Boye, F. A. C. Le Moigne, F. Planchon & S. Speich (2011). Nitrogen uptake by phytoplankton in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean during late austral summer. Biogeosciences, 8: 2947-2959, doi:10.5194/bg-8-2947-2011.
  5. Mullon, C, Field, J.G., Thébaud, O, Cury, P. & Chaboud, C. (2011). Keeping the big fish: Economic and ecological tradeoffs in size-based fisheries management. J. Bioeconomics. DOI:10.1007/s10818-011-9124-y
  6. Rouault, M. & P. Penven (2011). New perspectives on Natal Pulses from satellite observations, J. Geophys. Res., 116, C07013.
  7. Smith A.D., C.J. Brown, C.M. Bulman, E.A. Fulton, P. Johnson, I.C. Kaplan, H. Lozano-Montes, S. Mackinson, M. Marzloff, L.J. Shannon, Y.J. Shin & J. Tam (2011) Impacts of low-trophic level species on marine ecosystems. Science, 333: 1147-1150
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