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French/other South countries co-authoring

  1. Kumar, B.P., Vialard, J., Lengaigne, M., Murty, V.S.N., Foltz, G.R., McPhaden, M.J., Pous, S. & de Boyer Montégut, C. (2014). Processes of interannual mixed layer temperature variability in the thermocline ridge of the Indian Ocean. Clim. Dyn., 43: 2377-97
  2. Ménard, F., H.D. Benivary, N. Bodin, N. Coffineau, F. Le Loc’h, T. Mison, P. Richard & M. Potier (2014). Stable isotope patterns in micronekton from the Mozambique Channel. Deep-Sea Res. Part II, 100, 153-163
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