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North-only authoring

  1. Dueri S, L. Bopp & O. Maury (2014). Projecting the impacts of climate change on skipjack tuna abundance and spatial distribution. Global Change Biology 20, 742-753.
  2. Dufois, F., N. J. Hardman-Mountford, J. Greenwood, A. J. Richardson, M. Feng, S. Herbette & R. Matear (2014), Impact of eddies on surface chlorophyll in the South Indian Ocean, J. Geophys. Res.: Oceans, 119, 8061–8077.
  3. Potier, M., Bach, M., Ménard, F. & Marsac, F. (2014). Influence of mesoscale features on micronekton and large pelagic fish communities in the Mozambique Channel. Deep Sea Res. Part II, 100: 184-199.
  4. Samson, G., S. Masson, M. Lengaigne, M. G. Keerthi, J. Vialard, S. Pous, G. Madec, N. C. Jourdain, S. Jullien, C. Menkes & P. Marchesiello (2014), The NOW regional coupled model: Application to the tropical Indian Ocean climate and tropical cyclone activity, J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst. 6: 700–722.
  5. Talandier, C., Deshayes, J., Treguier, A.-M., Capet, X., Benshila, R., Debreu, L., Dussin, R., Molines, J.-M.  & Madec, G. (2014). Improvements of simulated Western North Atlantic current system and impacts on the AMOC. Ocean Model. 76: 1-19.
  6. Treguier, A.M., Deshayes, J., Le Sommer, J., Lique, C., Madec, G., Penduff, T., Molines, J.-M., Barnier, B., Bourdalle-Badie, R. & Talandier, C. (2014). Meridional transport of salt in the global ocean from an eddy-resolving model, Ocean Sci., 10, 243-255.
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