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South African authoring (Ma-Re)

  1. Barlow, R., Lamont, T., Gibberd, M.J., Airs, R., Jacobs, L. &Britz, K., 2017. Phytoplankton communities and acclimation in a cyclonic eddy in the southwest Indian Ocean. Deep Sea Res. Part I, 124: 18-30.
  2. Cooper, R. and Jarre, A., 2017. An agent-based model of the South African offshore hake trawl industry: part I model description and validation. Ecol. Econ., 142: 268-281.
  3. Lamont, T. &Barlow, R.G. (2017). Contrasting hydrography and phytoplankton distribution in the upper layers of cyclonic eddies in the Mozambique Basin and Mozambique Channel. Afr. J. Mar. Sci., 39(3): 293-306.
  4. Reed, J.R., Kerwath, S.E. &Attwood, C.G., 2017. Analysis of bycatch in the South African midwater trawl fishery for horse mackerel Trachurus capensis based on observer data. Afr. J. Mar.Sci., 39(3): 279-291.
  5. Schmidt, K.M., Swart, S., Reason, C. &Nicholson, S. (2017). Evaluation of satellite and reanalysis wind products with in situ Wave Glider wind observations in the Southern Ocean. J. Atmos. Ocean. Tech.,
  6. Thomalla, S.J., Ogunkoya, G., Vichi, M. &Swart, S. (2017). Using optical sensors on gliders to estimate phytoplankton carbon concentrations and chlorophyll-to-carbon ratios in the Southern Ocean. Front. Mar. Sci., 4: 34.
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