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French-Southern African co-authoring

  1. Annasawmy, P., Ternon, J-F., Marsac, F., Cherel, Y., Behagle, N., Roudaut, G., Lebourges-Dhaussy, A., Demarcq, H., Monoley, C., Laquemet, S., Ménard, F. (in press). Micronekton diel migration, community composition and trophic position in two biogeochemical provinces of the South West Indian Ocean: Insight from acoustics and stable isotopes. Deep-Sea Res
  2. Breitburg, D., L.A. Levin, A. Oschlies, M. Grégoire, F.P. Chavez, D.J. Conley, V. Garçon, D. Gilbert, D. Gutiérez, K. Isensee, G.S Jacinto, K.E. Limburg, I. Montes, S.W.A. Navqi, G.C. Pitcher, N.N. Rabalais, M.R. Roman, K.A. Rose, B.A. Seibel, M. Telszewski, M. Yasuhara, J. Zhang (2018). Declining oxygen in the global ocean and coastal waters. Science, 359, 46.
  3. Desbiolles, F., R.C. Blamey, S. Illig, R. James, R. Barimalala, L. Renault and C.J.C. Reason, (2018). Upscaling impact of Wind/SST mesoscale interactions on Southern Africa Austral Summer Climate. Int. J. Climatology, doi:10.1002/joc.5726
  4. Fu C., Travers-Trolet M., Velez L., Grüss A., Bundy A., Shannon L.J., Fulton E.A., Akoglu E., Houle J.E., Coll M., Verley P., Heymans J.J., John E., Shin Y.-J. (2018). Risky business: the combined effects of fishing and changes in primary productivity on fish communities. Ecol. Model., 368: 265-276
  5. Illig S., Cadier E., Bachèlery M-L., Kersalé M. (2018a). Subseasonal Coastal-Trapped Wave Propagations in the Southeastern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans: 1. A New Approach to Estimate Wave Amplitude. J. Geophys. Res.: Oceans, 123.
  6. Illig, S.,  Bachèlery M-L., Cadier E. (2018b). Subseasonal coastal-trapped wave propagations in the southeastern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans: 2. Wave characteristics and connection with the equatorial variability. J. Geophys. Res.: Oceans, 123.
  7. Malauene, B.S., Moloney, C.L., Lett, C., Roberts, M.J., Marsac, F., Penven, P. (2018). Impact of offshore eddies on shelf circulation and river plumes of the Sofala Bank, Mozambique Channel. J. Mar. Sys., 185: 1-12
  8. Ramanantsoa, J. D., M. Krug, P. Penven, M. Rouault, J. Gula (2018a). Coastal upwelling south of Madagascar: temporal and spatial variability, J. Mar. Sys., 178, 29-37.
  9. Ramanantsoa, J. D., P. Penven, M. Krug, M. Rouault, J. Gula (2018b). Uncovering a new current: the South-west Madagascar Coastal Current (SMACC), 2018, Geophys. Res. Lett., 45: 1930–1938. 
  10. Rouault, M., Illig, S., Lübbecke, J., Koungue, R.A.I. (in press). Origin, development and demise of the 2010–2011 Benguela Niño. J. Mar. Sys.
  11. Shin Y.-J., Houle J.E., Akoglu E., Blanchard J., Bundy A., Coll M., Demarcq H., Fu C., Fulton E.A., Heymans J.J., Salihoglu B., Shannon L.J., Sporcic M., Velez L. (in press). The specificity of marine ecological indicators to fishing in the face of environmental change: a multi-model evaluation. Ecological Indicators
  12. Veitch, J., J. Hermes, T. Lamont, P. Penven, F. Dufois (in press), Shelf-edge jet currents in the southern Benguela: a modelling approach, 2018, J. Mar. Sys.
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