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ICEMASA Phase 1 (2009-2013) :

Research activities were organised in two main streams :

A) Marine and atmospheric variability, biogeochemical processes and climate interactions

The focus was on coastal and large-scale oceanography over southern Africa: to understand the processes driving ocean and atmospheric circulation around and over southern Africa  by combining observations and numerical simulations.

B) Ecosystem and fisheries research

The focus was on the understanding of the effects of global change on the biological components of the marine ecosystems by integrating knowledge, observations and models from various disciplines. There is an added value in comparing  ecosystems through standardised indicators, to ensure ecosystem-based management of exploited resources.

ICEMASA Phase 2 (2014-2018) :

Research activities were developed in the framework of a Science Plan that can be downloaded here.

In summary, the plan is made of three themes and eight tasks

Theme 1 - Climate and Ocean

  • Task 1.1 – Large scale oceanic circulation and the Meridional Overturning Circulation
  • Task 1.3 – Southern Ocean : circulation and vertical mixing
  • Task 1.4 – Biogeochemistry of tracers in the Southern Ocean

Theme 2 - Environmental impacts on ecosystems

  • Task 2.1 – Benguela upwelling system and Agulhas Bank
  • Task 2.2 – Mesoscale processes in the Mozambique Channel

Theme 3 - Climate-ecosystem-fisheries interactions

  • Task 3.1 – Global scale interactions
  • Task 3.2 – Fishing and climate effects on the pelagic and demersal fish communities off South Africa
  • Task 3.3 – High seas pelagic fisheries around South Africa

Click on the themes to browse research summaries.

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