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RP2s / Packages for the research axe 2

2. Ecosystem and fisheries research

These packages focus on the understanding of the effects of global change on the major biological compartments of the marine ecosystems, by integrating knowledge, observations and models from various disciplines (behavioural ecology, trophic ecology, economy, law), adding overall value (conceptualization) by comparing various ecosystems, and disseminating useful information (indicators) to ensure an ecosystem-based management of exploited resources. Ultimately, scenarios of ecosystem changes in a context of global change will be developed.

RP.2.1 Marine habitats and dynamics of resources

  • Structural properties of selected marine habitats

  • Individual processes and adaptive strategies

  • Dynamics of exploited populations

RP.2.2 Trophic pathways and biodiversity

  • Dynamics of trophic pathways

  • Resistance and resilience

RP.2.3 Development of tools for Marine Protected Areas-based management

  • Development of a variety of modelling approaches

  • Implications for governance of implementing larger MPA for mobile species in national and international waters


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