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RP3s / Packages for the research axe 3

3. Interdisciplinary research.

This package contains number of scientific questions that can be addressed only through an efficient interaction between atmospheric, physical and biological sciences. Climate is a driver for bottom-up controls in the marine ecosystems and the emergence of adaptive strategies at various levels of the trophic chain and at various time and spatial scales.

RP.3.1 Cross-shore exchanges in upwelling systems: the impact of mesoscale processes

RP.3.2 Enrichment processes and habitat utilization by animals linked to mesoscale eddies in the open ocean. Application to the marine ecosystems of the Mozambique Channel through modelling and in-situ field studies

RP.3.3 Evolution of the marine ecosystem and fisheries to global change in the context of funded projects underpin this interdisciplinary research: (i) the European FP7 MEECE in the Benguela (2008-2012), (ii) the World Bank SWIOFP (2008-2013) and the UNDP ASCLME (2008-2013) in the Indian Ocean), (iii) the French funded AMPED in the Benguela and the Indian Ocean (2009-2012), and (iv) the regional Globec programme CLIOTOP (2005-2015)

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